Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dubrovnik - The Pearl of the Croatian Adriatic

The picturesque town of Dubrovnik in Croatia makes a powerful impression at first sight when coming from the sea when you take a look at its 25m high protective walls which were built during the middle ages but now are nothing more than a tourist attraction. The name means “city that came from the sea”, which could not be better suited for this resort.
It’s considered by many sailing enthusiasts as the best resort in all of Croatia and more than often it’s the first stop people make when coming to visit the land by the Adriatic shores. “The Pearl of the Adriatic” as it’s sometimes called was founded in the 7th century and has been a sought after destination for the rich and famous.
Among the most visited places in town are the Renaissance architecture like the Sponza Palace, the Rector’s Palace, the St. Savior church and the Franciscan Monastery. Let’s not forget the famous town walls which have been turned into a 25m high sea walk for visitors.

Another important part of the city’s history that also translates into a shopping opportunity for visitors is Dubrovnik’s artisans that specialize in weaving anything from tablecloths to lines and napkins according to old methods. And speaking of old methods, there is a famous pharmacy in the Franciscan monastery that sells cream and medicine from centuries-old recipes.
If you’d like to sample the Dalmatian cuisine, you’ll need to head to the old town where you’ll find numerous establishments that serve concoctions made from old recipes with fresh ingredients taken from the neighboring sea and the backcountry. The only downside is that you’ll have to pay more than in other places in Croatia.

At night, if you’re searching for a little party time, the Stradun promenade or Lapad is where you’ll need to be. If you’re searching for a good club, you’ll need to go exploring on the narrow streets of the old town and follow some of the locals as well as the loud music, otherwise you won’t stand a chance.
Just like in other popular resorts in Croatia, say Split, Dubrovnik is particularly popular and gets rather crowded during the summer months. In August there is a Sumer Festival which dates back from 1949 and has live concerts, open air theater in the main plazas around town.  Then there’s a Film Festival in May, a carnival in February the famous yacht charter regatta in November.

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